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Using indoor environmental data to optimize energy usage for your space.

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The Internet of Things


In the last 50 years, the world’s urban population has grown from 1 to 3.5 billion. In the next 50 years, urban populations will double again with 70% living in urban environments.

Gartner estimates that 8.4 billion connected devices were in use worldwide in 2017, with 3.1 billion devices connected in businesses alone. By 2020, Gartner predicts businesses will have 7.6 billion connected devices.

How can businesses leverage the Internet of Things to manage this rapid urban growth?

Spacr is a plug n’ play Power over Ethernet (PoE) based IoT platform. We use workplace environment data to optimize a space’s energy usage, striking a balance between energy efficiency and comfort.  

Our Hardware

PoE Based Automation


Turns devices, like LED lights, into connected smart devices. With PoE, devices can be controlled and optimized for energy efficiency.


Our sensors anonymously track all aspects of indoor environmental quality. The data is analyzed and used to automate all connected devices. Actionable insights are provided to users through the Spacr App.

Our software

Control & Analytics

Actionable Insights

Monitor temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, occupancy, and power consumption and use tips to adjust the environment to your comfort.

Smart Controls

Streamline property maintenance checks, remotely set-up workspace conditions & customize any space at the tip of your fingers.

In 2018,  50% of full time employees felt that their office space was too hot or too cold and couldn’t do anything about it. Learn how we can help. 

Streamline property management checks, remotely set-up work space conditions &  customize any space at the tip of your fingers. 

Using PoE on your lighting alone can save up to 20% on your electricity bill. Optimizing for energy usage based on sensor data can save an additional 10%.

Take Control of your Space

Provide your tenants with the luxury of comfort and easily adjustable space conditions while saving energy. 

Boost Productivity

Spacr adapts to the way people use their space and adjusts lighting, air quality and room temperature to boost comfort & productivity.   

Effective Use of your Spaces

Office spaces, meeting rooms, and  occupancy is on average between 50% and 60%.  Measure & analyze utilization to maximize efficiency and tenant experience. 

Skyrocket your ROI with Energy Savings

With less infrastructure, simpler controls, and maximized energy savings, there is no better way to increase return on investment while also extending asset life. Why not operate a smart building while keeping a keen eye on the bottom line?

Decrease your Carbon Foot Print

Optimizing energy usage will help you operate efficiently while saving the planet. 

Go Green today!

Gain significant progress in becoming a Green Building while saving long term utility costs!

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