Combining DC Power

✓ Looking for a DC Power Combiner?

✓ Does your application require you to combine DC power sources that are at different current and/or voltage levels?

✓ Do you need your DC sources to be isolated from one-another, and from the output?

✓ Simple parallel and series combination don’t work for your application?

✓ A dedicated DC-DC converter for each power source just isn’t feasible?

– We have developed a DC power combiner that can combine DC power for multiple inputs, into a single output.

– It doesn’t matter what the input voltage and current of the DC sources are.

– The device can be scaled. Currently the max proven power is 3 kW with 6 DC inputs.

– The output can be regulated through a DC-DC converter. It can be thought of as a DC-DC converter with multiple inputs.

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