Smarter offices for smarter business. 

Optimize Workspace Utilization

Gain an understanding on how employees are using different workspaces. Leverage space utilization insights to decide whether you need more space, track which spaces are being under-utilized, and identify peak times of the week. 

People Count

Know how many people occupy your rooms, floors, and buildings at any given time. Create alerts to be notified when spaces get busy or quiet down. 


Know whether a desk or room is occupied,  ensuring booked spaces are effectively being used. Encourage an agile work environment for collaboration and activity based working. 

Focus on Your People

90% of a company’s costs are attributed to employees. To ensure employee satisfaction and productivity, companies need to provide ideal working conditions for their employees. With Spacr, take advantage of environmental data to increase productivity, employee experience, and retain talent.

Indoor Air Quality

Gain access to temperature, humidity, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), CO2 levels in the office and get alerted when they reach harmful levels that may effect employee wellbeing. 


Learn how lighting can have an impact on your business outcomes by tracking how light intensity and colour temperature affect your employees. 

Learn how temperature and lighting controls boost productivity.

A workplace that works for you.

We spend the majority of our time indoors. With Spacr, we’re making that better than it sounds. Create modern and flexible workspaces that empower employees through advance comfort controls. Integrate occupants with their environment for a more comfortable, productive workplace experience.

No more thermostat wars.

A 2015 survey of 129 office workers in the US found that 42% of people think their building is too warm, while 56% think it’s too cold. We understand personal thermal comfort varies among everyone, let your employees define their thermal comfort preferences and you can adjust the working environment accordingly.

Eliminate no shows.

Research shows that a large chunk of booked meeting rooms end up going unused. Not  only is it frustrating for employees but they are a hurdle for efficient use of corporate real estate. Spacr automatically identifies no-shows and assists in freeing up the space. That way you can quickly jump in to a room and take an urgent phone call. 

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Our sensors accurately collect and retrieve data, learning from every environmental data point in your office. 

Indoor Environmental Sensor

Thermal Comfort Metrics

This sensor measures environmental data like temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, light intensity, colour temperature and other factors that influence thermal comfort and match this with employee preferences to build an accurate model of the ideal environmental state of the space. 

Seamless Installation

Sits on any desktop, and is wirelessly connected with battery life of up to 5 years. 

Desk Occupancy, People Counting

This sensor sits in the ceiling and can identify when a desk is occupied or vacant in realtime, while also counting the number of people in a 100sqft space.  

Safe & Secure

Confidentiality is our priority. All data is anonymously collected and processed on the edge. Only metadata is sent to the cloud. This means you don;t have to worry about your personal information being at risk. 

Occupancy Sensor


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