DC Power Combination

DC Power Combination can be complex. DC (direct current) power sources can be connected in series or parallel. In series connections voltage is combined, but a common current passes through the sources. So although their voltages are added, the current of each source needs to be the exact same. In parallel, the opposite is true. When DC sources are connected in parallel, their currents are combined, but the voltage of each source needs to be the exact same. How is DC power combined from sources that are at different voltages and currents? You use a DC Power Combiner.
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✓ You are looking for DC Power Combination solutions.
✓ Your application requires you to combine DC power sources that are at different current and/or voltage levels.
✓ You need your DC sources to be isolated from each other and the output.
✓ Simple parallel and series combination don’t work for your application.
✓ A dedicated DC-DC converter for each power source just isn’t feasible.

– We work with our clients to customize our DC power combiner for their applications. Our technology combines DC power from multiple inputs, into a single output.
– Max proven power is 3 kW with 6 DC inputs.
– Output voltage can be regulated through a DC-DC converter.

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